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Vintage Style Retro Wall signs from highqualityprinting on eBay
Element: Woman, Symbol: O+, Discover: Adam, Atomic Mass: Accepted as 55kg, but known
to vary from 45kg to 225kg,
Physical Properties: 1. Body surface normally covered with film of powder and paint. 2. Boils at absolutely nothing freezes for no apparent reason. 3.Found in various grades ranging from virgin material to common ore.
Chemical Properties: 1. Reacts well to gold, platinum and precious stones. 2. Explodes spontaneously without warning. 3. THE MOST POWERFUL money reduction agent known to man.
Common Uses: 1. Highly ornamental, especially in sports cars. 2. Can greatly aid in relaxation. 3. Can be a very effective cleaning agent.
Hazards: 1. Turns green when placed near or alongside a superior specimen. 2. Possession of more than one is possible but specimens must never make eye contact.”
Decorative Wall sign
A fantastic gift or addition to your home these vintage style metal wall plaque’s can be used indoors or outdoors. Ready punched and ready to hang using small pins or for that real vintage look hang on some hairy string on Grandads shed!

Personalised messages can be added on request. Please contact us immediately after placing your order if you require personalisation.

  • This metal wall sign is designed to give a retro look to any wall.
  • Each sign is punched in each corner with a small 3mm hole to allow you to apply it to any surface with small panel pins.
  • This sign is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • We post in a card backed envelope.
  • The overall size is 20cm x 15cm, approx 6 inch x 8 inch and has rounded corners.
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